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Making things, one gross at a time.

NOUN Informal \ mərCH \

An on going series of esoteric, head-scratching concepts presented on accessible products and released in an edition of one gross.


How this thing works

1. Revel in the Obscure

murtch. is about elevating obscure objects of extreme fascination and obsession. Things that have legendary status - within very tight circles of enthusiasts - but otherwise are totally unknown.

Put a word on a shirt and it becomes a statement. Hang some words on your wall and they take on new meaning. On our best days, we hope murtch. will provoke a conversation so the stories of these things can be retold.

2. One Gross, Randomly

Those three words pretty accurately describe the cycle of releases on this website, but here are some details:

  • One gross is a dozen dozen, or 144 items.
  • Every individual design is produced in a limited edition of 144 total pieces TOTAL. This is true regardless of the number of variants (size, color, etc.) within a particular design.
  • New series or one-off items will be released on random Fridays and Fridays only - at a random time (hint: roughly within waking hours in Eastern Standard Time).
  • When a new item or series is launched, alerts will be posted to Instagram and Twitter.
  • Items will remain in the shop until they are sold out, or the series changes.

With this said, we may decide, from time to time, to release other things. Or change our minds about the number of items available, or the prices. Or something else. Probably not, mind you, but it is within the realm of possibility.

3. Made on Demand

murtch. is manufactured one at a time and shipped to you by Printful, a really awesome company making a whole lot of very high quality merch for artists, brands, musicians, as well as a variety of enthusiasts of the obscure. We've sampled the products ourselves and they are of very high quality with very sharp direct-to-garment printing. There's a ton more info on their site.

Print-on-demand services allow you to print whatever you want, whenever you want it, forever, with minimal overhead. This is bad because the print on-demand process is very good at making things that are not special. But it's very good for a company that wants to make a small number of products with deeply obscure subject matter.

The goal here is to make 144 things that 144 people really treasure.
It's what makes murtch. into something more than merch.


Manufacturing, Shipping & Returns

murtch. is produced on demand, then shipped to you by our partner, Printful. This means two things.

  1. Printful must first make the item. This takes a 3-5 business days in most cases.
  2. The must then ship the item. Shipping times vary from 3-20 days, depending on where you are in the world.

To be perfectly frank with you - the time between when you spend your money and when you get the item(s) is going to seem like a longer-than-normal time. Please don't panic. Printful has made and shipped over 4 million items in a few short years. That said, if you're feeling anxious, please email us and we'll figure out what's up.


United States

  • 6-12 business days to your door
  • $6 flat rate
  • 75¢ per additional item


  • 8-15 business days to your door
  • $9 flat rate
  • $1 per additional item


  • 8 to 25 days business days to your door
  • $13 flat rate
  • $1 per additional item

Printful has announced a more sophisticated shipping plan that will be available this fall. We hope to implement these new options by the time the next series launches.


In the event that you receive the wrong item, or a damaged item - you can simply return it to Printful. They have a very nice customer service team who will help in every way they can. Have your order number or shipping notice ready and contact

With the limited edition nature of the products on this website, as well as the general absence of staff, we must ask, please, that all sales are final. But if you receive the product and you just really totally hate it, please contact us directly at or using the form below.



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